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Sunday 29th November 2009 - Carousel Motel, Kinghorn

This is another excellent pub where you feel welcome as soon as you go in, and this evening was no exception.  Graham, the owner, was delighted to see me, and straight away apologised that his St Andrews day events were running late.  Not a problem for me, as I am always happy to accommodate when and where I can. 

I helped (or hindered) Graham's team in the quiz, and must admit how ashamed I am not to know very much at all about our Patron Saint.  After the quiz, Alan and I quickly set up and got on with business as usual.  This was a great night, and I was sad I had to finish at 8.30 - I'd quite happily have gone on for at least another half hour, but people were starting to drift away by that point.

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Sunday 3rd May 2009 - Carousel Motel, Kinghorn (6pm til 9pm)

Well it was the Carousel, so I was guaranteed a warm welcome and a good evening/night. Last time I played here it was a James Bond themed evening, and I quite liked letting Graham and the team hear the other types of material I do. 

There was a bit of a hum going through the equipment for a bit of the night, and we subsequently discovered that it was the power supply for my laptop that was to blame.  A quick off-and-on-again and things sounded better.

Hi to everyone who was at the Carousel, and I hope to return soon....

Saturday 15th November 2008 - The Carousel Motel, Kinghorn

This gig was a new experience for me.  The Carousel Motel was holding a James Bond Night called "Casino Royale" in aid of Children in Need.  They asked me if I could do an hour's spot of James Bond themes.  No problem, says I.  It's amazing to think that there have been 22 Bond films now, and all of the themes are instantly recognisable as Bond. 

Each song is different though, and there are many different styles.  I must admit to enjoying the challenge of learning so many new songs for a gig, and being pleased with the results.

The whole set up in the lounge was very classy and casino-like, and the guests had dressed for the occasion in black tie and glitzy dresses.  I've seldom seen a Fife pub look so classy!

The basis of the night was that each guest bought a ticket, which entitled them to a free glass (or two) of champagne, and a pack of "funny money" with which to play the various games set up for them, complete with croupiers.  After they ran out of their allotted money, they could buy more to carry on playing.  Then at the end of the  night the male and female with the most "cash" won a prize.

While they were playing I was singing my songs, and I must say that I had a ball.  The audience seemed to be impressed, and I had a lot of positive feedback when I was finished.

This is one of the few pubs in Fife where the owners are forward thinking, and trying different things to keep their punters coming back time after time.  I reckon that's what it's all about if you own or manage a pub in this present climate. 

You can be sure of a good night at any of the functions/theme nights at the Carousel.   

Friday 23rd November 2008 - The Carousel, Kinghorn

This gig started out looking like it was going to be a busy one, but unfortunately most of the patrons were out for just a couple. Davie, the landlord let me know that he was having a ceilidh /function in his lounge on Saturday and a customer was also having a party for a lot of the regulars.

It was an early start and was seemingly going well but unfortunately just into the second of my three sets everyone started to drift away. Davie asked me to stop at half ten - only 2 hours into my night, but he was happy to pay me the full amount and actually seemed apologetic for the poor turnout. I explained that it was a good thing for me as I had a double this weekend and was still worried about my voice after my ill health, so for me it worked out well. I agree with Davie that it is difficult to work to a quiet room but I have worked to much smaller numbers.  I still appreciated the early night. I hope that I get a good turn out next time at this venue. The locals always seem to be out to enjoy themselves and I like Davie and his willingness to get acts on and try to entertain.

Friday 27th July 2008- The Carousel Motel, Kinghorn

All I can say is - GO THERE!  This place has a good atmosphere, with regulars and visitors who want to be entertained! I usually have a bit of nerves when going to a new venue, but when I arrived I was told that this was new territory for the venue as they hadn't hosted entertainers in their lounge for some time. My nerves quickly disappeared and I settled down to giving a pop/rock performance... Braw. I'd have happily done "Blanket on the Ground" or "Rose Garden" but they weren't requested.

 I hope this place continues to have weekly/fortnightly cabaret slots, as the audience here are so appreciative.  There are only a few pubs in Fife where I get such a welcome!  And applause too!

I'd like to say a big HI to Davie, who runs the pub/motel.  He seems to have his finger on the pulse, and has realised (along with pubs like the Weavers and the Tapshoap) that you have to run a community pub these days, and a manager who knows what his punters like is invaluable.

Well they seemed to like me, so I know I'll hopefully be back.  Please keep an eye on what's on here, and support this pub.