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Saturday 31st March 2012 - The Crown, Kelty

This evening started with us arriving to find 4 people and the bar staff in the bar.  The staff told us that they were expecting a quiet night, and that one of them had been told that if it was quiet she could go home early.  So I got myself ready for a long one again, only to discover that there was a group of young girls expected back on a minibus from Edinburgh.  I had no idea why they were away, but they were expected to be well refreshed when they returned.  They arrived about 10ish, so I kept things relatively upbeat for them both during the sets and on my breaks, playing a bit of chart music for them, which they seemed to like.

The night went relatively quickly, and we were finished on time at 12, when all the young girls left in another minibus/taxi to go on to their next destination.

Oh and I must say HI! to Claire behind the bar, who says when she first saw me she thought I was her MUM!  OMGEEEE!

Saturday 25th June 2011, The Crown, Kelty

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this new venue, other than to guess that it would be busy, as it was Kelty's Gala Day.  It was certainly busy!

Lesser mortals may have shied away from working such a noisy, raucous pub full of "well refreshed" punters, but not I.  As I keep reminding myself, I was a barmaid for many years and have pretty much seen it all.  And of course there's the fact that I had my roadie/bodyguard Al with me to look after me. 

Jemima, the manager, greeted me with a big smile and was relieved to see I had turned up - apparently there was a bit of a mix up and a previously booked (and cancelled) band had just left.  She made sure we knew where to set up, and made sure the doors behind me were closed, and another door was opened.  After a few stray people wandered towards the doors and were turned around, they soon got the idea, and Al set about getting the gear set up. 

The pub had obviously been really busy, and the bar was serving drinks in plastic glasses, which some people were unfortunately throwing down onto the floor, making a bit of a mess.  Having said that, the bar staff worked tirelessly to keep the place as clean and tidy as they could.  Jemima had eyes everywhere, and was on top of any nonsense before it begun, as well as looking after me (some dancers were swaying a bit in my direction).  Top marks to her and the team for keeping the atmosphere lively but controlled. 

This is not a venue for the fainthearted. I think you need to have had a bit of "something aboot ye" to do our job, and have a good tongue in your head.  It doesn't do to be shy, and you must make yourself heard.  One guy heard me tell him to "Go away" in no uncertain terms when he asked for the microphone for the umpteenth time.

The joint was jumping from start to finish, and everyone enjoyed themselves - me included.  Result!