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Saturday 1st October 2011 - The Crusoe Hotel, Lower Largo

Oosha another stormer.  Why is it that you can have a really bad weekend and then a great one all in the same month?  I'm not doing anything different, so I have no clue what makes a night like the Crusoe always gives me.  I am now greeted like an old friend, and a good few people come along just to see me!  Oh the fame may just go to my head.....


Friday 26th August 2011 - The Crusoe Hotel, Lower Largo

Another excellent atmosphere on the night. Great venue, lovely people, Quick night. The bar staff couldn't be more helpful.  I can't praise this place enough!

One of these days I'm going in for a portion of fish and chips - I see it's served on newspaper!  Mmmmm...

Friday 15th July 2011 - The Crusoe Hotel, Lower Largo

To be asked back to a venue so soon is a bit of a double edged sword. On one hand, it's good to be appreciated, and asked back.  And Fridays are a bit few and far between these days. On the other, you don't want to do all of the same songs in the same order, lest you cheese off the punters who were there last time.  Having said that, I have a fair few songs to choose from, and didn't struggle to find different material to do for them. They gave me big, big applause at the end of every song, which is obviously good.  I think they are into my strange sense of humour too, as I had a few laughs at some of my rubbish jokes. 

I have to keep reminding myself to SPEAK UP when I talk, as my singing voice is so strong and my speaking voice so quiet.  Al is always getting on at me about it.  So do me a favour at my next gig guys, and let me know if you can't hear me talking.  It's probably a pile of rubbish I'm saying, but I'm sure you'd prefer to hear it than wonder what the heck I'm on about.  Mind you, you might realise how lousy my patter is! Heh heh

Friday 1st July 2011 - The Crusoe Hotel, Lower Largo

My second time here was just as good as the first, so that's a good sign!  This wee hotel is a lovely place to visit, and the crowd are very attentive, listening to every word you say between songs.  The applause I received after every song was amazing, considering this hotel is still in Fife!  Fife crowds can sometimes be a bit difficult to please, as I may have mentioned a few times before.  Well this place is one of the exceptions. Everyone should come here to have their faith in human nature brought back to normal...

Friday 13th May 2011 -The Crusoe hotel, Lower Largo

I got this gig thanks to the very lovely (and talented) Steph, another local singer, who recommended me to Debbie, the manager. Thanks, hunny.

The beautiful Crusoe Hotel is situated right on the bay at Lower Largo, and gives you a wonderful view over the River Forth.  The bar/restaurant area is split into sections, and each area is it's own wee "nook", where you can sit and have a meal or a drink.  It has all of its original beamed ceilings, and has to be seen to be appreciated. 

Anyway, the marketing talk over, I really enjoyed myself on the night.  You set up just inside the bar, but the space is more than adequate for a small set up, and thanks to the beamed ceilings, the sound doesn't need to be too loud to get around the bar. The people were well up for a good night out, and there was even applause!  it's been a while since I received such a warm welcome on my first night at a new venue! I was sure I'd been transported back in time to ten-or-so years ago, when every night was great, with good crowds and a fair amount of applause.

The staff here are friendly - especially David, who took time out to welcome me into the bar.

I hope they'll be in touch soon with another Friday night booking - they're few and far between for me nowadays. HINT!!!!!