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Tuesday 26th December 2005 - The Empire Bar, Methil

What a shame. This bar is one of the local jewels, and I am most surprised that this gig was not better supported by the locals. The people are friendly, the venue is clean and tidy, but there are lots of empty seats. I don't know if they get a crowd with other singers.  I know I go down well everywhere else, but am always amazed at the Fife lethargy towards acts. 

If you live anywhere near Methil, look in to The Empire, the lounge is a good size for any functions you might be planning, and the people who run the place are helpful and friendly. But without support its another venue that will stop putting on acts and another wasted chance for a good night out. Maybe a charity event or a promotion with the next act would draw some interest.


Friday 20th August 2005 - The Empire Bar, Methil

This Methil pub has had its fair share of bad press, but it has recently been taken over by Watty and Davey, two very nice guys who would like you to visit. (No, they didn't ask for an advert!).

The lounge in this pub is much bigger than I would have thought from the outside, and could have held around 100 people. Unfortunately it contained a total of 10, not all of them there at the same time!

Davey and Watty tell me that it's been very quiet down at the Empire over the last few weeks, and hope that having acts in on a Friday will bring come of the locals out for an evening.

The few folk who were there were very appreciative, and I had applause after every song. A much better feedback than some places I could mention (but won't).

Get yourselves down here for a night and have a look.

PS Hi to Caroline, the barmaid. She wouldn't give me her name in case I put it on the web! But I got it anyway! lol