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Friday 4th January 2008- The Gladyer Inn, Rosyth

It's unusual to get many gigs at this time of year, so I jumped at the chance to earn some money!  I remember being at this venue once before, and I had a quick read back at my last review to refresh my memory.

It is a strange shaped room, and where I set up means that my speakers have to be facing different directions in order to fill the room.  The first three tracks were a nightmare!  We had been using the laptop to view some video footage from Christmas Day, and had had to tweak the sound settings to hear what was going on.  Winamp, which I use alongside DJ2000 to play my backing tracks, had obviously decided that it was not co-operating with me, and showed no indication that it was still on the previous settings.  So, after a bit of a Diva strop, and singing angrily through three songs (sorry), Alan figured out what had happened.  It was like one of those nightmares where you are exposed to some degree, and I have never felt so uncomfortable. 

Anyway, we fixed it and got on with the gig.  The crowd were relatively attentive for the first set and a half, then their attention began to waver.  A few were still paying attention, though, so I concentrated on the kind of music they were enjoying.  It's always difficult to perform at your best when you just can't read an audience. 

Another big HI! to Betty, who keeps me going when I'm at the Gladyer


Friday 9th March 200?- The Gladyer Inn, Rosyth

Going to a new venue is a bit nerve wracking, to say the least.  I know I have a good act, so it'll be okay, but when you haven't been somewhere before you don't know what kind of audience to expect.

This venue has a very down to earth atmosphere, which always suits me.  There were a few groups of working men who were out for a beer, but also a few couples - a good mixture that I felt would appreciate both my rock and modern material. Unusually there was no dance area, so I couldn't gauge how it was going until later on in the evening.  I was encouraged, though, by their singing along and a there was a fair bit of applause so I take it they enjoyed themselves.  I'll just have to wait and see if I'm invited back.

I must say thanks to everyone, particularly the people sitting in front of me, who seemed to enjoy my (frankly rubbish) patter.  They were singing along to every word!

The room itself was quite hard to set up for, and I think I'd have been better placed in the far right corner instead of just inside the front door. Alan sets up my sound levels, and apologises to anyone who found me the sound quite loud.  The room is so big and wide it was difficult to fill the room with a good quality sound.

A big HIYA to Betty, the long suffering lady behind the bar.