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Saturday 13th July 2013 - The Otter's Head, Glenrothes

 Tonight was someone's birthday, so as usual I won't say much about the night.  Suffice to say I had a great time, and so many kind people came up to tell me how much they enjoyed my show.  And the cupcakes were to die for!!!

Saturday 2nd March 2013 - The Otter's Head, Glenrothes

I was amazed to see so much time had passed since my last visit to the Otter's Head! The place has had quite the facelift, and looks good!  As do the bar staff (lovely people - even bought me a drink!).

There hadn't been much in the way of advertising that I was going to be there (or that there was anything on at all), so it was quite quiet, but the folk who were there were nice and seemed to enjoy themselves.  I even had one lady ask me to come back and do my show at her birthday night at the pub. I'm looking forward to it...

Saturday 18th July 2009- The Otter's Head, Glenrothes

I was hoping to recover from my well needed holiday tonight, but was happy to stand in for Janey Kirk, who was taken ill.  The Otter's Head has an annual Fun Day in aid of a few local charities, and I couldn't leave them high and dry.  After all, they are one of the best crowds in Fife, and are always happy to see me (sometimes even when they aren't expecting me!).

Please get in touch, Otter's, and let me know how much you made and I can plug the charities you were raising the cash for.


Saturday 13th June 2009 - Otter's Head, Glenrothes

I was a last minute stand in for this gig, but I must admit to being happy with the welcome I received given the circumstances.  There was a party going on in the lounge, which meant that there was the occasional clash of sound when the adjoining door opened, but nothing too bad. 

The crowd were a little quieter than usual, and I can only imagine that a lot of the noisy ones were at the party!

Saturday 9th May 2009 - Otter's Head, Glenrothes

The Otter's is a great pub, full of genuine good natured Fifers.  Wait a minute.  Good natured Fifers??? Surely there must be some mistake??!  Nope.  It's definitely Fife, but boy what a reception.  Come on the rest of Fife - prove me wrong!

There had been some football game or other on that day, so quite a few of the locals had been out for a while, which meant they were ready to rock and roll early on.  Suits me!

There was a lot of positive feedback on the day, and many requests to know when I would be back. Braw.

Saturday 29th November 2008 - The Otter's Head, Glenrothes

Brrrr!  Winter has certainly started to bite!  As a result I did this gig in jeans and boots (I know this pub well and they're ok with that).  I always get a friendly welcome at the Otter's Head, and sometimes a merry one too. 

Quite a few people had had a few drinky-poos before I got there, and I had enthusiastic dancers right from the word go.  They enjoyed the kind of music I was giving them and were dissapointed when I stopped for a break.  I must admit to being amazed how quickly each set went, and how much I enjoyed myself. 

Sometimes it feels less like work than others...

Saturday 8th November 2008 - The Otter's Head, Glenrothes

It's only been a short amount of time I've been gigging at this pub but I seem to have been taken to their hearts. I always get lots of encouragement, requests and friendly comments. My act must be about right for them as I always seem to be getting asked back, which is a good thing as I enjoy visiting.

Tonight's gig turned out to be a bit of an unexpected one for me, and required a little extra effort, as there was a birthday in the lounge (Happy birthday Nancy and George!)and I was asked to set up there. It wasn't a closed do as the locals in the bar were welcomed in but all acts would probably agree that its better to be forewarned when you walk into a special event, as it can be quite nerve wracking.  We always feel stressed to keep dancers on the floor and keep the party atmosphere going. On this occasion I didn't need to alter my act really as there was a good mix of punters all evening  and they were talking away to me all night so seemed happy with my efforts.

This lounge is not the best of places to set up a PA. I was wedged between the two toilet doors and seemed to be taking up most of the main way to the bar and one of my speakers was forced to point straight at the bar. The owner asked me to turn it down a couple of times but Al was insisting it was not loud at the back of the room. We compromised as best as possible but I must admit to prefer working in the bar. Both rooms are nice places but I struggled with the sound in the lounge and felt I was hurting my voice trying to adjust for the acoustics of the room.

I'd do it again but have learned to turn down one speaker a lot which hurts some of the more stereo tracks but helps with making the sound cleaner for all areas.

I'm back at the end of this month - thankfully in the bar, which has better space to set up and better acoustics.

Saturday 13th September 2008 - The Otter's Head, Woodside, Glenrothes

I've been to this pub once before - it was a Sunday and it was great fun. With this being a Saturday gig I was all ready for the usual quiet night.  How wrong was I! This place must have a formula for getting the punters in, and if I could figure it out I'd make a fortune. From the back of eight when I arrived to set up, right through to the calls for "more" at five past 12, the place was buzzing. It is brilliant to see.

When I started I was warned that the pub had been hit by complaints from a neighbour about the noise (I would imagine that you'd expect to hear noise from a pub, so if you don't like noise why move near it - just a suggestion...), so Alan went outside for a listen and kept the volume to a reasonable level. It didn't dampen the spirits of the punters and we all had a good time. Maybe we should have invited all the neighbours. Or the pub could buy a sound meter from Maplin and complain about the neighbour for being unreasonable. I wonder how long the pub has been here.

Anyway, I thank all the patrons for making my job easy and for all their kind comments. I hope to be back again.

Sunday 4th May 2008 - Otter's Head, Glenrothes

Due to an unfortunate miscommunication, I arrived a little late for this gig.  The hostess, Caroline, was understandably a bit peeved.  I managed to sort out the situation, however, and forewent my usual pre-gig rituals and went right to work as soon as Al had set up.  What a time for a software problem! Winamp's enhancer plug in decided to play up a bit, which affected the backing tracks to begin with, and I was beginning to get worried that I was looking a bit amateurish.

Undaunted, I soldiered on, and made a few jokes to break the ice.  The crowd soon relaxed and got down to enjoying the music. I did 2 x 1 hour slots, with only a 15 minute break in between.  This is unusual for me, as I usually do 3 x 40 minute sets with two 15 minute breaks.  Despite my relatively short break I was able to carry on singing all my usual material, and they seemed to be impressed.  Then my mic batteries ran out!  What a night...

I was asked to come back, so that's always a good sign.

A big HI to all who were there on the night, and also to my (new) good pal Jimmy, who was very friendly and encouraging.

See you all next time!