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Thursday 25th December - The Silver Tassie, Leven

Christmas night can be a hit or a miss situation.  Unfortunately, due to a mix up with ticket sales, the pub was pretty quiet.  The ad in the local paper was for tickets only, but only a few were sold.  Then despite most of the pubs in Leven being shut, people must have thought they wouldn't be able to get in.

I couldn't fault the small crowd for enthusiasm though, and the night still went pretty fast.  Hi to Frankie!

Saturday 16th February - Silver Tassie, Leven

When I first got offered this venue I was in two minds as to whether to give it a go or not - mainly because it doesn't offer the wages I get by going further afield. I decided to give it a go and have now been there three times. I don't know if I'll be back again though. Let me explain..

Last night I started at nine and did a 45 minute set.  During this Alan was pretty much the only person who responded to my efforts. To be honest it sounds a bit sad to have one person clap and I don't like it. If I were out in  pub and someone was giving it their all, I would be embarrassed not to respond.  A silent response is soul destroying.

On this occasion the night was brought to life by the arrival of a friend of mine, Gail Clark, who was celebrating her birthday. She brought along a few lively (drunken) friends and suddenly I was in the zone. From their arrival the whole pub livened up, there was dancing on the tables, some very strange expressive dancing from one of the more liquid locals, lots of singing along and for me, more importantly, some response from the audience.

Had Gail and her party not arrived, I'm pretty sure the crowd would have livened up eventually, possibly around 11.45 (as usual)and would have been asking for more at midnight. I see this so often.

The Tassie is a nice pub -  I like the people and I would go back.


Saturday 29th December - The Silver Tassie, Leven

This was my second visit to the Tassie and again was an infill gig. I enjoyed the fact that there was a slightly larger crowd and as always this makes the night easier. This gig could be included in my favourite venues list but for a few minor details - its too long and it doesn't match the usual going rate. I will offset these minuses  with the fact that I like the friendly staff, the crowd who want to have a good time and the venue that is easy to work.

I called Janey to ask for a gig to fill in this weekend because I was only booked for Monday's big "Auld Years Night" gig. Unfortunately as soon as I took the gig, I started to feel a few symptoms of these colds and flu's that are hanging around everyone, despite copious amounts of vitamin C, Echinacea and Propolis sweets.

I did three 40 to 45 minute sets over the 3 hours, which to be honest is about my max for a gig at the best of times, but when I was asked to take a break and then continue for an extra half hour there was no chance.  Sorry Frankie. If I had been at my best I'd have haggled a price and given the extra time but as I was feeling a bit drained and was considering my Monday night gig (for 3 times the money for 2 thirds of the work), you can understand my need to decline.  Under normal circumstances I'd have done some more.

I recommend a visit to the Tassie if you're in the area, and hope that they keep going strong into 2008.

Saturday 13th October - The Silver Tassie, Leven

If you look through my past gigs section you'll see that I've sung all over Scotland, in hundreds of gigs... but I've hardly done any work in the Levenmouth area that I call home. I don't expect to be recognised in the streets, I'm just some girl that sings in pubs and clubs - but at the end of this gig I had some of the few customers saying "she's local!" and not understanding why they hadn't seen me before. I find it hard to believe that one week I can be in Ayr or Lossiemouth doing my stuff for 60 to 100 punters and the next I'm in a local pub with a dozen customers.

I was offered this gig as an infill for a small gap in my calendar. Its unusual for me to have a Saturday available.  The few people who were out (on this occasion Scotland had had a football match and someone was having a party locally which kept the numbers down) sang along and I think they were surprised by the material I did. At the end of the night I was complemented by lots of the customers and found that I'd enjoyed myself a lot.

I must admit that I can see the point of doing a few local gigs, even if they don't pay as much. I enjoyed the Tassie and will visit if I have a night off and they have an act on. Its a pity I can make more money by travelling from this area, but I have to to make ends meet.