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Saturday 18th March 2006 - The Village Bar, Blairhall

What an entrance I made at the Village Bar!  I fell head over heels (not in a good way) going up the steps to the pub.  Nothing serious, but I felt a right berk!

The local football team had been playing that afternoon, and by the amount of alcohol they appeared to have, I take it they had won.  They were a roudy bunch, but Rab kept them in line.  A good few of them went home quite early, which was good.

As you can imagine, the crowd were ready to party quite early on, and I went into a few dancy numbers from the get-go. 

Thank you to the two ladies who were so concerned about my wee fall.


Saturday 28th January 2006 - Village Bar, Blairhall

It's good to be back gigging again.  I have had around a month off with laryngitis, and was a bit nervous about singing again.  I needn't have worried. 

Tonight was the pub's Burns Night supper, when everyone gets together to eat the obligatory haggis neeps and tatties.  Jocky Wallace, a local man, gave his "to the Haggis" speech, and read more Burns before telling a few jokes.  I enjoyed his material immensely, and must admit he is one of the funniest comedians I have worked with.

Saturday 5th November 2005 - Village Bar, Blairhall

Oh my goodness what a place!  The pub was really busy when I arrived, and we had to ask a few people to move tables so we could get set up in the usual corner. 

After realising that I had a typical Fife audience (all singing, no clapping), I decided to give it my all, starting off with rock and ending in some good solid ballads.

Saturday 27th August 2005 - Village Bar, Blairhall

This was my second visit to this pub.  I must admit I couldn't remember anything about the last time!

After arriving outside, it all came flooding back.  The last time the place was quite quiet but the people were most appreciative.  This time there was a bigger crowd, but I had a bit less feedback. 

I may have a rival though, as I had one of the `punters` ask if they could sing `Penny Arcade`.  When I said no, she told me that she would `probably sing it better` than me.  Well good luck to you, girl - feel free to join me on the club and pub circuit.

Any hoo, I enjoyed myself that night.  I have to apologise to everyone though.  I was just about to do a last song, when my laptop screen went black!  hopefully we'll figure out what happened for next week!