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Friday 14th December 2012 - The Den Inn, Leven

I remember many many moons ago, having a gig in the Den Inn.  It was a tiny wee stage area in the corner, just beside the fire exit and karaoke machine.  Not so now - they actually have a stage!  And a good size one at that!  The lounge itself holds maybe 30 people, with more room at the bar and through in the main bar area.

This was a Christmas get together for the regulars, which included my lovely sister in law and the wonderful Neil, who have helped me out at a gig before, when Al had to work. 

The folk of the Den Inn are great, genuine people who like a good time and a wee swally.  Indeed I found myself a wee bit worse for wear - their measure are 35mls, and I hadn't noticed til the room started swaying.....

I hope they give me a shout again, and that the pub puts on more live music on a regular basis.