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Saturday 4th June 2005 - Top o the Toun, Kirkcaldy

Oh My Goodness!  This place is great!  The atmosphere is excellent, and most people seemed to be having a good time

My thanks go out to the table of `nutters` (no offence intended) who made the night go with a bang. (SHIMMY!!...)

I have decided to put more into my performances from now on, and I went through two tops during the evening, what with my jumping about! Great workout!

I was a bit disappointed to hear that one table of people thought I was too loud.  I started off the night quite quiet, and as the night went on the volume was turned up.  It was overheard that this one table were not happy. 

Should this happen to you, I'd rather you said something rather than suffer in silence.  And then you don't have to shout over the top of my singing!

Footnote - for more info on one particular nutter, please visit the Weavers in Kirkcaldy - she owns it!!

Hi Marie