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Saturday 23rd May 2009 - Valleyfield sports & Recreation Club, High Valleyfield

Well after a wee SNAFU last week which resulted in no gig for me, I was glad to get back to work.

This week at the Valley Club wasn't your typical gig here.  I often say that in these relatively small towns there is always a party going on somewhere - unfortunately tonight's one wasn't at the Valley Club. 

I think there had been a wedding that day, so the Club was quiet for the first hour and a half apart from a group of very friendly people from Airth.  They were very encouraging and appreciative, so I'd like to say HI! and Thank You to all you folk from "over the water".  Al has some relatives from around their neck of the woods, and at one point I had to stop to let them all have a good chinwag about who was married to who and where they stayed etc. 

The Club started to get a little busier around 10.30pm, and by 11.30 the place was ready to rock and roll.  Fine, but I was finishing at 12.30!  Typical!  Sometimes I reckon it's be easier all round if acts started at 11.45 and finished at 1am.  But that's never going to happen, is it?

So thanks to all who came to the Club this week - I hope to be booked back soon...


Sunday 19th April - Valleyfield Sports & Recreation Club, High Valleyfield 

Fundraising gig for Frances Martin, who will be playing for Scotland Schools'  Girls U15 football team

I haven't done a lot of Charity or Fundraising gigs in the last wee while, but I am glad I came along for this one.  My daughter is interested in football, and I was interested to see a real Scotland Cap.

The afternoon started at 2pm, and there seemed to be loads of acts to fit into a few short hours. they included-

  • ME!

  • Gary Weston - a very experienced Country & Western Singer with a lot of stories to tell! His has been a varied and interesting career to say the least!

  • Steve - (sorry I didn't get much in the way of information about you Steve - please get in touch) - an amazingly talented guitarist and singer, who read the crowd really well and picked excellent material, including the Shadows!  Move over Hank Marvin!

  • Janice, Jo and Mac - three up for it amateur singers doing their own tributes to the greats - Mac did a bit of Scottish singing and some Frank Sinatra, Jo gave her all as Lena Zavaroni, and Janice took us back to "Mamma Mia".  All three were amazing, and dressed up for the part.

  • Jackie Brown - Jackie is the resident Karaoke king and all round musical maestro of both this club and the Legion down the road.  His keyboard skills were second to none, and he was happy to MC for the afternoon.

All in all, including the ticket fees, raffle takings and food sales on the day, we made over £400 for Frances to help her on her way to Hampden on the 2nd May.

Saturday 14th March - Valleyfield Club, Valleyfield

This was my first visit to this club on a regular Saturday night, and I must say there were more people in than I had expected. A good few ladies who usually come to the Goth in Newmills chose to come and see me, so I must say HIYA!

Despite me sending in my contract (which said 9 til 12.30 as agreed) and receiving no reply re changes, it transpired that I could have just played music from 9 til 9.30, and I was informed by the bar staff that I should have finished at 12 midnight too! So the club got a little more than they were expecting.  Never mind.  I'll be sure and check the details next time. 

A good night was had by all, and everyone seemed happy with their Saturday Night.