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Saturday 22nd December - Wemyss Arms, West Wemyss (for a 21st birthday party) 

It's not been long since I was here last.  The reason is that I had one of the women in the crowd last time ask for me to come back for her son's birthday.  having said that, she had no recollection of our conversation (due to being a bit worse for wear).  In fact, when we went into the pub she went on to warn Al that there was a birthday party on!

Well Martin's party went well, and he remained relatively sober throughout, despite me asking the crowd to make sure he never had an empty glass.  He was joined at one point by a large blow up doll wearing red underwear.  It was a redhead though, so not all bad.

I would forewarn anyone going to do a gig here that the coal fire can be quite warm, so take along some water and a fan for your equipment (ooer)

This venue may be small, but Davie the owner is so nice, and the people make a good down to earth audience.


Saturday 8th December - West Wemyss Arms, West Wemyss

Another good night in this wee pub.  Davie, the landlord, always greets me with a smile and makes me feel at home.  This beautiful wee place has a roaring fire, beer and a good atmosphere.  What's not to like??  I'd like to say HI! to Gilly (hope I got your name right) who entertained everyone with a `wall dance` or two.  Fetch yer cloth....

A big hi to my mum, brother and his partner too, who took the time to come and see me perform my usual magic.  A night of pop, rock and Christmas songs (to much jeering and booing) was had by all.

Saturday 20th October - West Wemyss Pub, West Wemyss

If West Wemyss is a wee jewel in the heart of Fife, then this wee pub is it's crowning glory.  It is a tiny wee place (but not the smallest gig I've ever had), with a roaring fireplace and a good old fashioned `home` feeling about it. 

I was warned that it would be really quiet in the pub as most of the `young uns` would be away out to Kirkcaldy.  Well it certainly wasn't a big crowd, but they were a very friendly bunch.  After a bit of a fracas at the start, the place settled down and got busier.. and busier.  I was a bit nervous to begin with (as I usually am at a new venue) but I hope I will be asked back.  Once more my selection of music was complimented.

I can imagine a winter's night being lovely here, sitting in front of the fire with a pint of something warming.