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Friday 11th April & Saturday 12th April - Methil Club

I was afraid I would have no work on this week, but also looking forward to a rest.  However, if I don't work, I don't get paid, so when a last minute booking came in I jumped at the chance.  Janey Kirk, one of my agents, asked me to fill in for the usual singer in the band at Methil Club.  Unfortunately her wee boy is ill, so I'd like to take the opportunity to wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

Anyway, I was relieved to find out that the band consisted of Alan Cunningham and Chic,  with whom I had worked at the Glenrothes British Legion in the past ~(coincidentally filling in while Heather was off having her baby).  I know they are excellent musicians, and were a pleasure to work with then, so I was looking forward to meeting and working with them again.  They are both such funny guys, and both are hugely experienced and talented in their field, so I was in good hands. 

Friday night was a bit nerve wracking to start with, as it had been a while since we worked together, but it didn't take long for us to all settle into a good night.  The audience was bijou, but they were nevertheless enjoying themselves.  The night flew by, and in no time it was 1am!  Excellent.

Saturday night was a little different.  There was a party going on in the big hall, and so we were moved into the lounge.  Most of the regular punters must have been at the party, as there were only a few people left after the bingo had finished.  I'm not sure how we were received as a band without the regular singer, Heather, as I was the subject of several funny looks.  Hmm...  Anyway, after a pretty grim first half (and the next round of bingo fun), a lot of those people left and the hall filled up with younger people out for a good night out.  One of the bar staff, Kelly, had brought a good few friends out too, and treated us to a performance of "Valerie" whilst under the influence of a few sherbets.  I have to apologise to Kelly for not letting her use my microphone.  I know it seems I am a bit snotty or diva-ish, but I have had so much time off with colds and flu that I have decided to keep my mic to myself to see if it makes a difference.  As I am always saying, no work, no pay!  No sick pay in this job!

Once again, the time went quickly, and suddenly it was time to finish. 

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the band, and look forward to meeting/performing with them again.  I don't think the general public realise how hard the job is, or the level of musicality needed to perform together as a band.


Friday, 11th August 2006 - Methil Ex-Servicemens Club (with "ACTIVE", the band)

Well this was scary!  The prospect of singing with a band is scary enough, but doing it on your own doorstep?  Seeing so many familiar faces was a bit daunting, but after the first half hour I forgot they were there.

I didn't have much to worry about re music, as I was still using my own backing tracks for my own songs (downloaded onto Gordon's computer).  I very much enjoyed the opportunity to harmonise with the band's tracks.

A big HI!!! to Gordon Smith, Rab Devine and the stand-in guitarist, Mickey McDougall.  hope I've spelled all your names right!