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Sunday 21st May - Central bar, Cardenden

I like this venue, apart from the fact that getting some applause is like drawing teeth, the people have always appeared to be out for a good time. My latest gig here was a long one, 49 songs over a 4 hour session. The pub was very busy with some sort of football crowd and the remnants of a stag weekend I think. They seemed to enjoy themselves, and even looked excited now and again, but next to no clapping.

As it turns out, we won't be back at the Central Bar.

At the start of the night, one of the customers bumped into Al and spilled his own drink.  He accused Al of bumping into him, then demanded that he buy him another drink.  Al understandably replied in a less than courteous manner.

He then pointed Al out to all his buddies. He then disappeared.

 At the end of the night I found that one of my van tyres had been stabbed. 

 I WILL NOT risk our property being damaged again, so a big sorry to the owners of the pub (who have always made me more than welcome), and the majority of the patrons.


Saturday 3rd December - New Central Bar, Cardenden

Well I had the same reaction as last time.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves but they didn't clap. 

I threatened the audience with a Christmas song if they didn't applaud one song - they didn't, so I did.  then they applauded!

Note to self.... more seasonal songs.

Saturday 13th August - New Central Bar, Cardenden

Another one of these pubs where you put all you've got into a song to be greeted with the sound of silence at the end. Al asked one of the staff about this and they told him that this was normal.

Knowing this meant that when I did get a ripple of applause, I new I was doing well. By the end of the night the crowd had dwindled and so had their inhibitions (must be the alcohol), at the end of the set they seemed to want me to stay all night. Many thanks to the Bonnie Raitt fan for directions, he also told me that if I made it past half an hour I would be alright... hopefully I'll get back.