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Saturday, April 19th 2014 - Cabaret @ Kilsyth Miners

Kilsyth is another wee jewel of a club, but it’s a bit quiet.  But what they lack in numbers they fairly make up for in spirit!  I did music right the way from Karen Carpenter, through to modern pop and a bit of AC/DC to finish, and they didn’t bat an eyelid!  Excellent...

Saturday 16th November 2013 - Kilsyth Miners

It was good to be back in this wee club.  Last time it was as Adele, and unfortunately it was a bit quiet that night. This time I knew I was going to be performing in the small lounge through the back.  The wee room was totally separate from the main room, which had a party going on, but with being a bit smaller it looked much fuller when everyone came through to be entertained.

Unfortunately the club had been broken into that week, and had lost a substantial amount of cash, spirits and the like, but it was great to see everyone out supporting their club.

Saturday 18th May 2013 - Kilsyth Miner's Welfare

This wee club is a shining example of how clubs and pubs in Scotland can keep themselves going.  They are forward thinking, and get a wide variety of acts in to keep things fresh.  There is the obligatory bingo, but that's pretty much par for the course, and we are used to lending out a mic for that.  I keep a spare....

I gave them everything from Karen Carpenter to AC/DC, and they lapped it up!

Saturday 25th August 2012 - Kilsyth Miners Welfare

Another new venue for me! My contract said a "mixed crowd", so I didn't really get much of a clue there....

I arrived to find a lovely wee club, and was told that I'd be on for half an hour, then there was Bingo (of course!), then I'd be doing my other 2 45 minute sets to fill the rest of the night.

I must admit to being a bit unsettled on the night, but after setting up and basically blethering my way through the first set, I felt pretty much at home.  I'm not sure what people are used to when it comes to female acts, but I have pretty much adopted the "Adele" style of night, where I sing some songs and chat in between.  I'm not pretending to be anything other than myself on these nights, and have no airs or graces.  Audiences seem to like it, so that's how I roll these days.

Thomas, the very nice young guy who was calling the bingo, was very appreciative, and asked for a few Adele songs.  Nae bother....

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