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Saturday 14th February - Gala Riverboat Casino, Glasgow

I had never been to a casino before tonight's gig, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Turning the corner in the car to see a HUGE building across the Clyde did nothing to help my nerves.  We managed to get into the car park, and then found we had about 150 yards to walk to get into the building.  (Hint for other acts - park outside on the double yellows, then unload.  You can then park the car in the car park.  I'll remember that for next time).

After getting inside, we had to fit everything into a little lift up to the first floor.  Then the doors opened into the most beautiful room I have ever seen.  We were set up on a huge balcony containing a restaurant area, online table gambling areas and a bar serving bona fide "James Bond stylee" drinks with olives in!  Tres posh.  Downstairs we could see roulette tables aplenty, and a sign that simply said "Card Room".

The evening went well, and the people upstairs were very appreciative.  One couple out for a Valentine's Day meal even took to the floor briefly!

I hope to return to the casino, as several people asked me when I'd be back.