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Saturday 14th April 2012 - Udston Social Club, Hamilton

I was asking all my performer friends on Facebook what this club was like, and googled it only to find a review I had done years before!  Once we arrived in Hamilton I remembered the venue right away.  This time, however, we were in the tiny bar downstairs, kind of squished into a corner behind a pillar.  To say space is tigh would be an understatement.  In fact, the bar staff told us some people only take in once speaker!  Well I prefer to get the fuller sound from two, so Al managed to get them both in (just). 

The crowd were up for a good night from the word go, and I must admit to being a bit worried about what kind of material to do for them.  I kept it safe for the first half, doing all my usual older stuff - only to be told that they would have preferred a bit more upbeat music! For my second half I did just that, and was greeted with applause galore, and shouts of "You'll be back".  I hope so.  I'll know what to do for them next time.

Saturday 6th May - Udston Social Club, Hamilton

I arrived at this club early (first time at a new venue I always leave home early) and had to sit outside for half an  hour.  The area looks a bit run down, or in development depending on how positive you are.

 When I had a look at the inside of the club, however,  my attitude changed.  The club is lovely inside.  So I apologise for my first impression.

I arrived expecting to do my self contained act only to find out that I would be working with a band - Split Endz (I hope they'll get in touch if I get their details wrong), they are Gary on guitar/vocals, Dave on keyboard/vocals and Gail on (excellent, clean) vocals. They did a few sets on their own and then backed me during my two cabaret slots.

It's always excellent to work with a good band, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed their professionalism.

Gail's vocals are strong and clean and I felt a little like I was standing on her toes having her behind me supplying backing, but she seemed to enjoy herself and sounded fantastic.

I know that the band also perform as an Abba tribute act so I must admit to being a bit cheeky doing my Abba songs but they seemed to enjoy my performance, as did the audience.

I say quite often on these pages that the best way to get a good performance from an act is to gee them on with applause.  This social club raised the roof at the end of each song, so they got the best of both the band and me.