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Sunday 28th December - Leith Ex Servicemen's Club, Leith 

This club is always filled with the most genuine, warm and friendly people on the planet.  I can't fault them.  They applaud after every song, and even taught me to line dance!  Hope I'm back soon....

Saturday 11th August 2007 - Leith Ex-Servicemen's Club

It's been quite a while since my last visit to these lovely people, and I have to say... too long! I know when I do a song in this beautiful, and recently re decorated club, that I will be greeted with applause and encouragement. Because of this I can guarantee that I will give my heart and soul to entertain this type of audience.

On this occasion the club was hosting a group from south of the border, Liverpool. We were treated to a friendly and warm reception from the locals and staff/committee. A lovely supper was provided and I have to complement the cooks.

Alan informs me that the sound during the first part of the night was a bit bassy, for this I apologise, he says he had miss set some controls for this type of venue... as a few of the audience mentioned the problem, we tweeked the sound during the break and had no complaints in the second period. I play to all sorts of crowds in all sorts of venues so it can be difficult to get the sound spot on at first. I hope it didn't spoil anyone's enjoyment and always try my best to cater for the audience.

Unfortunately the visitors had to leave half an hour before the end of my set. Alan tells me that they complemented my voice and my choice of material on their way out and it is always appreciated when I get positive feedback. Thanx.

I look forward to my next visit. I hope it is soon and as enjoyable as this gig.


Sunday 20th August 2006 - Leith Ex-Servicemen's Club, Leith

Last time I was here I was amazed at the warm welcome I received.  I was equally impressed this time, and I had a lot of fun here.  They are a more mature crowd, and they like their 'Paper Roses' and 'Let's Jump the broomstick'.  Suits me fine.

The gig was a relatively short one, being two 45 minute sets.  The bingo overran a wee bit too, so that was good too.  I'm such a lazy bum. 

I finished off with Cabaret, and it was suggested that I fit that particular song in before everyone starts to go for their buses at the beginning of the second half.  It happens everywhere - after the bingo it's quite late so a lot of people have to go for their bus, especially on a Sunday, when buses are few and far between.  I don't take it personally.

A big huge HI! to Charlie, who once again made me feel at home, and I must admit to missing the lovely Joan (nice name, girl!) who couldn't make it this time.

Sunday 30th January 2005 - Leith Ex-Serviceman's Club

I was unsure what to expect from this venue, as I'd never been to Leith before. The Club itself is hidden in one of the side streets - Smith's Place - and you have to get really close to the door to read the sign.

I was made most welcome from the minute I entered the Club, and was pleased to find that the people were very down to earth (a bit like Maself!). Usually I get a guarded reception from a new place until they hear me sing, but these people are very warm and accepting.

Hi to Charlie and Joan, and a big Hello to Sandy, the very nice man who works tirelessly in the club to keep the glasses and tables clean.

Hopefully I'll be back soon.