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Sunday 25th October 2009 - Merchiston Hearts Supporters Club, Edinburgh

Ah Merchiston Hearts.  It's like putting on a familiar pair of slippers stepping into this club.  Apart from the VERY steep stairs up which you have to "humph" your equipment, the venue is lovely.  I am always set up well before the bingo (note to acts - never interfere with bingo time.  Nope. Never ever.) and ready to go after the first round of bingo.

Tonight I must admit to being a bit cheekier than usual, and I reckon I gave a bit more entertainment - rather than just singing I threw in some banter and a couple of wee jokes.  It's good to know you can relax and be yourself here.

A big HIYA to the bar staff, who danced and sang their way through the night - oh and served me Jack Daniels.  For medicinal purposes you understand..... 

Sunday 7th June 2009 - Merchiston Hearts Social Club, Edinburgh

Well it's been almost exactly two years since I appeared at Merchiston Hearts, but the last review I wrote could be used word for word!  The crowd were happy and enjoying themselves, but then the bingo finished!  Only kidding - they were all very friendly and happy to be entertained, but not up to a dance about.  Fair enough.  So I did more than my usual share of ballads and gave them a bit of Shirley Bassey, which always goes down well.  Hope it's not another 2 years til my next gig there.

Sunday 3rd June 2007 - Merchiston Hearts Social Club, Edinburgh

I haven't been here in YEARS!  Al remembers the last time only too well, and was not looking forward to the stairs!  He had to reverse up a narrow alley, and carry a lot of heavy equipment up a narrow, windy staircase.  It's never a good look to be sweaty and puffed out when you've only just arrived!  These gigs are when Al really earns his money! (Don't let him tell you he doesn't get any wages!).

I must admit to being a bit on the knackered side myself even before I arrived!  It has been a while since I've done a two gig weekend, and I think I used all my energy last night!  So I felt a bit low on energy. 

The first half of the night felt like a disaster to me, as I couldn't see any reactions from the crowd.  Al tells me everyone was singing along, though, and I just couldn't see it.  Bingo crowds are sometimes more interested in their next round of bingo.  I don't suppose me being tired helped, so I apologise if it was me.

After their second round of bingo (and my first round of Pro plus) things looked a bit better.  Anyone who had just come for the bingo had left, and the crowd who wanted to hear me were left.  I even had dancers!  Abba always wins `em over in the end.

Come 11.15pm, I had cries of "More!" , and gave them "Cabaret".  I love it as a big finish.


Sunday 20th February - Merchiston Hearts Social Club

I had never even noticed this wee club before, and I used to live in Edinburgh! When I heard the name, I was afraid that this was going to be an exclusive club, full of well-to-do people. I thought I was going to have to be posh! Anyone who knows me knows I am quite down to earth (some say a little too much!) and I enjoy a good bit of banter.

I was glad to hear the good old fashioned chatter coming from everyone, and I knew I could be myself here. I was maybe a little cheekier than I usually am the first time I visit, but it seemed to go down well enough,.

I hope to come back soon.