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Friday 5th November -  The Dickens Lounge, Edinburgh

This pub is just around the corner from Haymarket Station, and was quite full, but not as busy as the last time I came, back in June.

I was glad to find that the position used for acts had changed. I was set up inside the front door before, and people had to walk right past a blaring speaker to come in. The speaker stands posed (in my opinion)a threat to health and safety too, as they jutted out a bit.

This time, thought, I was placed in one corner, which meant I had a bit of room to move about, and no one had their eardrums blasted as soon as they came in!

The reaction from the people drinking in the pub was a bit strange! When I was singing, they shouted to each other and made lots of noise, but as soon as I finished I had quite a few `tumbleweed` moments.