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Saturday 26th July 2014 - Grapes Bar, Edinburgh

Another great night at this braw wee down to earth pub.  Only problem I had was the heat!! OMG I was melting! There were some different bar staff on, and they certainly did their job well.  The place was heaving, and everyone had a ball!

Saturday, March 8th 2014 - Cabaret, Grapes, Edinburgh

Gordon has this place sorted.  He’s in control of everything in this pub, including making a special wee sign that lets the public know that the stage area is just for the singer, and “Do Not Bother The Singer!”.  Lol. 

I definitely feel more at home in these wee pubs with a bit of good natured banter.

Saturday 5th October 2013 - Grapes Bar, Edinburgh

The grapes.  What can I say.  A struggle to get in to the singer area. I even had to unleash my" guid scots tongue".

An appreciative crowd but they need to learn how to applaud.  It was a good laugh, and I gave them a fair bit of cheeky banter though, so I know they were enjoying themselves. 

Then a struggle to get out

Saturday 25th May 2013 - Grapes, Edinburgh

Grapes Bar - genuine, everyday folk who aren't afraid to tell you what they think.  Bit like myself....

Gordon, the manager, has a very dry wit, and put up two wee signs -

"No sitting in the singer area"

"And don't bother the singer either"


And at the end he said I was "Barry".  I think that's good....unless Barry was meant to be on...

 Saturday 9th March 2013 - Grapes Bar, Edinburgh

No complaints at all about the Grapes.  good staff, great atmosphere and a great night out.  Gordon, the bar manager, runs a tight ship, and no one gets out of hand.  That's what you need in a city centre pub.

I did a couple of recordings on the night - don't worry, it's just me in the video...

Brass in Pocket

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

Friday 29th June 2012 - Grapes Bar, Edinburgh

Another good night at the Grapes, marred by a big traffic jam along the city bypass.  This time, however, we arrived with 20 minutes to spare before I started, so we weren't as hurried as last time. In fact, I was all ready to apologise profusely, when the barmaid pointed at the clock and said "Ach you've plenty time", so I left it and we got on with the job in hand. I like to be set up at a venue at least half an hour before starting, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  I suppose allowing myself that time means we always have a safety net.

Not much to say about the night - just a great night with loads of good feedback.  Canny complain..

Friday 13th April 2012 - Grapes Bar, Edinburgh

We arrived just in time to start this gig, after getting stuck in the horrible M90 average speed camera debacle. It meant for a cranky Joanie, as I like to be in and settled before starting a gig.  There was nothing else for it, and I think I must have done the first set on autopilot.  After settling down properly during my first break, it was business as usual at the Grapes, with the friendly locals and bar staff making this a good gig to do.  They applauded, and I had a fair bit of banter with the crowd, who have such an eclectic taste that I couldn't fail to keep them happy no matter what genre of music I performed.  Excellent.

Friday 27th January 2012 - Grapes bar, Edinburgh

I love doing this wee pub.  As I've mentioned before, the people are nice, and I always receive a nice welcome from the bar staff.  You have to have a bit of "something aboot ye" to make your way through the crowd with your gear, but when you have a big burly Al with you, there's no problem.  And I have a good Scots tongue in ma heed.

Another big Hi to Violet and her bunch, who were going to stay in until they checked my website and realised that I was playing the Grapes.

And for my lovely bar staff, I'll play all the Adele you can manage! Lol

Saturday 17th December 2011 - Grapes, Edinburgh

Well a last minute change of venue meant that all of my preparation for a Xmas party night wasn't needed, but it never does any harm to add a few songs into your repertoire, does it? 

I was happy to be invited back to Grapes, as the people are really friendly, the staff are lovely and I get to have a good laugh and a bit of banter during the gig. 

I must mention the excellent Gus McKinnon, who raised over £1000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care on the night by having his head and beard shaved and doing a wee pub tour.  He had his hair dyed green, then one half of both his beard and head (opposite sides) shaved in the Grapes. The rest came off at the end of his fundraising.

I must also mention Violet and her "posse" who were only dropping in on the way to a GBH punk gig in the city, but decided to stay as they were enjoying my act! High praise indeed.


Friday 28th October 2011 - Grapes, Edinburgh

This wee pub is an unusual one to say the least.  It's a tiny wee pub away from the hustle and bustle of the City Centre, but it's always packed with people.  And good natured, down to earth people at that.  I always get a cheery welcome and the bar staff are brilliant.

This was another good wee night, and I quite likes that I was home for midnight!  We usually roll in around 1am, but this is an early gig.


Friday 22nd July 2011 - The Grapes Bar, Clerk Street, Edinburgh

This was my second gig at the Grapes, and my first on a Friday night.  I arrived at around 7.30 to start at 8pm, only for Al to be told that I was meant to start at 7.30.  The contract had changed, and I wasn't informed.  But hey, these things happen, so Al assured the bar staff that I would still do my 3 x 40 mins sets, but take shorter breaks (of 15 minutes).  They were happy with that, so we got on with the job in hand.

The crowd here are a friendly one, and they like a bit of a chat and a dance, so they'll "dae fur me". Only once was the word KARAOKE used, so that was good.  I get a bit fed up of people asking if it's karaoke.  I wonder why they think that?  Maybe I don't look like your typical singer - I don't often wear sequins, and I very rarely wear heels, so maybe I just look too down to earth to be the act.  Anyhow, with me you get me.  Not a fancy dancy stuck up version of me who thinks she's it.  You just get me, with my dodgy jokes and down to earth attitude.  You've "twa choices".  Take it or leave it...

Saturday 4th June 2011 - Grapes, Clerk St, Edinburgh

A new venue for me, working for a new agent. Nervous? Me? Yup.  I'd read a good few unfavourable reviews of this pub online, and was a bit worried what I would be walking into. I needn't have worried.  This is a wee pub, with a small set up area in front of the telly.  We were a wee bit early, and Al had to go and park across the street after unloading due to the pub being next to a greenway (this means that only buses, taxis and bikes can use these lanes between certain hours).  I'd advise any acts to arrive just about 6.30pm, as you can park there after that on a Saturday.

The crowd were mainly men, but a few women sat next to the door.  They seemed like genuine, down to earth folk, and not at all like the reviews I had read.  Gordon, the bar manager, was lovely, and couldn't have been friendlier. 

Don't believe the reviews guys! If you go in with a down to earth attitude, you'll be fine.