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Friday 16th February - Marmion, Gracemount, Edinburgh

This is a venue recently given a bad name.  Unfortunately it is infamous for a murder that happened there in 2006. The thing is that when you check the web on this pub, that is all you can find. I've been told by the staff that the incident was overspill from another area and it's a shame because I found this to be a very busy, welcoming enjoyable venue. Lets hope web visitors find this instead of the news sites.  Then maybe the venue can be known for a good night out instead of an unfortunate event from its past.

To the review..

This was my first visit to this venue, and I was greeted with friendly staff, a `refreshed` but friendly crowd and what looked like a good sturdy stage. We set up very early and then hung around waiting for my nine o'clock start. I always feel uneasy having a crowd watching me waiting for the start time, as they always seem to expect me to go on early, but I bet they don't go to their work early and give an extra half hour for nothing!

This audience were out for a good time so were easy to entertain. I gave them a mixture of old upbeat songs from the Beatles to Dusty with some disco through to some rock. They seemed to enjoy what they got and sang and danced along all evening. They again wanted more at the end of the night.

Mine must be one of the few jobs where I'm expected to do extra work for nothing, so I gave them a couple of big numbers (Cabaret and Oh So Quiet) to finish with.

Overall this was a good night in an enjoyable venue with good people. I'll be happy to return if I'm asked and would recommend you to stop in if you are in the area. If the management read this then please get the stage worked on. It was a bit scary in places...  i am larger than average, and I found I had to curb my dancing in case I fell through. 

Maybe I'll bring my camcorder next time so if it happens I can at least get on You've Been Framed!!