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Sunday 26th December 2010 - Wallyford Miners, Wallyford

Last time I was at Wallyford Miners, I was coming down with a rotten cold (which meant I was off the next few weeks), and therefore the good folks of this beautiful club didn't get the "Full Joanie" treatment.  I must admit to getting in a bit of a strop at myself last time too, and maybe not being at my best.

Well I was pleased to find myself in full voice, and able to show Wallyford what I am capable of. I also had a more mixed audience than last time (due to it being Boxing Day), and I did a fair bit of modern material along with the old favourites.

The contract here is for one 45 and one 60 minute set, which is good.  I find these nights usually go really quickly, and I always find that I have more than enough material.  The hard bit is knowing what to leave out!


Sunday 13th June 2010 - Wallyford Miners Club, Wallyford.

This was a new venue for me, and I was impressed at the size and layout of this lovely club.  There's a really big stage area in the corner, and the club has its own disco lights etc.  I was told that they are busy on a Friday and Saturday night, and that a Sunday is the older members' night.

The thing with new venues is that sometimes getting information can be difficult.  Clubs usually have a dedicated entertainments manager/committee member, who comes to tell you what's expected.  I wasn't approached by anyone from the committee during the whole gig!  I don't know why this was - maybe they took it that I knew instinctively what was expected, or that the information on my contract from the agent would suffice.  Anyway, I was a bit disappointed to be left in the dark.  I always like to know what time the bingo starts, when breaks are etc etc.

I have to apologise to the good people of Wallyford, as I was starting to come down with a cold on the day, which meant that I was not at my best. That, coupled with the usual quiet silences between songs during the first set, made for a not-so-happy Joanie. During the second set I pulled myself together and decided to get on with the job at hand.  I fought my way through with a dodgy throat and made it to the end of the night, only to be praised to the heavens by everyone who was left in the club at the end.

Yet again I find that audiences do not respond during the night, and yet they are obviously impressed enough to take the time to come and tell me at the end.  This makes it difficult for me to judge material during the night, and can quite honestly cheese me off a bit. Maybe they are just astounded at my talent (lol).