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Saturday 9th August - Silver Sands Leisure Park, Lossiemouth

One thing I have learned from doing this job is that you have to expect the unexpected.  Whether you are greeted by a room full of hens on a night out, or only two people sitting in the corner, you have to do the job. It's also important not to be too much of a diva, but I must confess to having a wee hissy fit this Saturday at Lossiemouth.

My contract said 8 til 11.30, so we took it easy and left ourselves enough time for a couple of pee stops and a trip to Tesco to pick up supplies for the night (we stay over at Lossiemouth).  We arrived at 5.30 to be asked if we were sure we were staying (aargh) and to be told that I was, in fact, on from 7 til 9.30 in the family room.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love kids.  I have one.  But I was unprepared - we had left our lighting rig at home, as the main stage had an excellent lighting rig.  With the price of diesel these days it seemed only sensible to carry just what we needed and no more.  I would have also brought a selection of kiddies' music with me to play for the families that would be there expecting kids' entertainment.  As it was, I had about half a dozen songs that they might or might not dance to. 

So there we are, with an hour and a half til show time, no accommodation, and I had forgotten my hair straighteners and Al's dress shirt.  I was frantically checking the clock every few minutes as we set up our equipment (the aforementioned Tesco food warming up nicely in the car), and there was no accommodation for me to get changed in!  Kenny, the bar manager, kindly suggested I use his office to get changed, but the caravan became available at about 6.30pm.  By this time I was really very hungry and more than a bit peed off. I have my routine, you see.

However - after all that, the night went well (despite the mums and dads asking me when the kids' entertainment would be starting), and I got the families on side.  The kids were dancing and playing their toy trumpets, spinning in circles (as kids do) and having fun.  The adults were enjoying the mix of music and the fact that the kids were having fun.  I had to stop briefly to allow the cabaret show band "Angel Star" to do a sound check, then it was right back into it.  As more and more people began to arrive early to hear the show band at 10, they caught the end of my act, and I must admit to having a bit of a laugh with the families about the others missing all the fun.

I finished at 9.30, and got my tea (at last), a quick wash and went out to have a drink and to hear the band. 

All in all, I reckon the family room is quite good fun, and getting finished at 9.30pm means you can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

So - the moral of my tale is this - as I said, expect the unexpected - always arrive well early, and make sure you have all the facts about what is going on before you get settled into your caravan.  Running about like a headless chicken doesn't do anybody any good. 

Oh and take towels, washing up liquid and remember your straighteners! lol


Saturday 5th April - Silver Sands Leisure Park - Lossiemouth


Is it Easter or Christmas?  It was hard to tell this weekend in Lossiemouth.  I think that may have been the reason the club was so quiet for this gig.  Everyone was indoors in the warm - and quite right too!  But they could have braved a teensy weensy bit of cold to come and see me, I reckon.  The night was quiet, but the people who had braved the weather were very appreciative.  I got to meet a very nice man called Graham, whose daughter, Nicola, is the Entertainments Manager for the resort. Unfortunately she wasn't too well, so I didn't get a chance to say Hi.  Graham was very friendly though, and helped Al and I to set up our equipment around the new lighting they have installed in the clubhouse.  He also arranged a disco to finish the evening.

There are only two things which could have been better for me at Silver Sands.  The performance time was one.  I was to start at 8pm and finish at 11.30pm, but I was only contracted for 3 x 40 minute sets.  This meant I had two enormous breaks, during which the punters were getting restless.  I think maybe 9 til 11.30 would be a better idea, maybe with a kids entertainer on beforehand, as there were so many wee ones through the back.  Secondly, I'd like to make a complaint.  Our caravan was freeeeeeeeeeezing!  We always get a free caravan for the night - which is great as Lossie is so far away from home - but this time we had no central heating!  And with the snow and cold winds we were soooo cold.   I could even see my breath inside the caravan!  We didn't get a lot of sleep that night, I can tell you.  This is the first time I have had cause for complaint though, as every other caravan we have been given (generously, I may add) has been lovely.

Anyway - see you guys in August!  xx

Saturday 15th September - Silver Sands Holiday Village, Lossiemouth

Another regular spot, I get the pleasure of visiting Lossie around twice a year, but usually at the beginning or the end of the season. At best I was performing for 40 to 50 people in this BIG room, and most of them were at the far end, about 30 yards away. I must admit that I was struggling to read the crowd at the end of my first set, but was reassured by Alan that they were listening and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I enjoyed the second and third sets, and pleased myself as to the material I used. It seemed to work because Alan reported lots of compliments from the audience and at the end of the night I had lots of comments about people enjoying my choice of songs. All and all I enjoyed myself, the audience enjoyed themselves and the bar staff got lots of dancing in...

I'd love to do this gig in high season, but with my luck it would be too hot and everyone would be staying at their vans to BBQ... It would be nice to have a full room but in the end, as long as I entertain the ones who come job is done.

Saturday 16th June 2007 - Silver Sands Holiday Village, Lossiemouth

I am so glad to put a good review on this page.  I have always tried to give an accurate reflection of the job I do (as I see it) and the places I have been.  For this I have come under fire on many an occasion, but I will continue to be as frank and open as I can (at the same time trying not to offend).

Silver Sands at Lossiemouth is an absolute joy to play.  I am no diva (despite some comments to the contrary), but I am treated well here.  It's smiles and welcomes all round, and I get a bit of respect for the job I do.  From sound check to final cries of "More!", I haven't felt so good in a long time.

The crowd were, as usual, a bit on the quiet side to start with, but they soon livened up.  I did a good mix of old and new, and found I even had dancers!  Added to that, amazingly, at the end of each song they waited for the next dance!  There were people of all ages, from what looked like a newborn baby, to a good few elderly ladies and gentlemen, all of whom were dancing, singing along and tapping their feet.  Excellent.  Enjoying yourself is good for you, I reckon.  I certainly came away with a new found enthusiasm for my job as a singer.

I'm back in September, and looking forward to it immensely.

Saturday 2nd September - Silver Sands Leisure Park, Lossiemouth

It's lovely coming to Lossiemouth for a gig.  We are put up in a caravan for the night, and it almost feels like a wee holiday.  I say almost because I obviously have to work.  A three and a half hour set can be pretty exhausting when you have to do all the singing yourself! 

The night itself was a bit strange.  It was very quiet to start with, and even when the lounge filled up the people were sooo quiet!  I take this very personally, you know. 

Two large glasses of wine later, I began to relax and not take things too personally after all.  I did a good mixed set, and played music to suit during the breaks.  As usual, my decision to finish with `Cabaret` was a good one.  Alan's only criticism was that I didn't do it earlier.  I don't think I could have done it earlier though, as I need to be absolutely relaxed and warmed up well before attempting such a big number. 

I hope I see you all next year!

Saturday 10th June - Silver Sands Leisure Park, Lossiemouth

I love it up here.  I am given a caravan for the night, and feel like a real star!  This caravan park is ideally situated on the Moray Firth, with absolutely breathtaking views.

We were able to get into the club quite early to set up the equipment, and then had a bit of time to ourselves.  When the time came to go over for the gig, it was just a quick stroll over!  It was sooo hot I was forced to ditch my boots and go for a pair of cool slip on shoes.  They weren't so easy to dance in, but there was no way I was going to gig in that heat wearing tights and boots! 

The heat had meant that my audience had been out all day sitting in the sunshine drinking beer, so the club was understandably quiet considering the time of year.  Having said that, the people there were willing to have a good time (along with my mum, who had come with us!).

I'm back in September, and looking forward to it.

Saturday 24th September 2005 - Silver Sands Caravan Park, Lossiemouth


What a place!  What an audience!  What a reception!

I absolutely LOVE gigs like this.  The people were very welcoming all through my stay, from our arrival to our departure.  We were given the use of a caravan for the night (with complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits - the glamour!) and generally treated with respect.

The night itself was great - there was a children's magician (Garry Seagraves) performing in the lounge before I went on . I sang a variety of songs from Disco through to Jazz, and even managed a few rock songs along the way.

I must say hello to the Psycho bikers from Inverurie, whose names I never did find out!  Aargh what am I like.  I had one mad fan who danced to (almost) every song.  Pity she couldn't keep up (lol!).  She doesn't mind me mentioning it, I'm sure. 

I must admit to being amazed I lasted the night myself, as I can't remember putting so much into a performance for a long time! 

Please note - FEEDBACK COUNTS!!  It seems a pity I have to go as far as Lossiemouth (and Hawick - see the last review I did about my experience there) to be so appreciated!