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Saturday 8th October 2011 - The Jolly Beggars Hotel, Milnathort

Another quiet night at the Beggars, but those who came along were the usual quality punters.  I was pleased to throw in a few new songs on the night too, as sometimes I think we singers can get a bit stuck in our ways, doing the same songs night after night.  Sometimes it's good to "feel the fear" of a new track..


Saturday 9th July 2011 - The Jolly Beggars, Milnathort

T in the Park weekend is hit or miss at The Jolly Beggars, as it is so close to the site at Ballado.  Thankfully the pub was still busy!  I saw all the usual faces, and some I hadn't seen before, so I felt right at home.

There were quite a few "refreshed" punters in the bar when we arrived, and one of them said I look like Lady GaGa!  Well I'd like a pint of what he must've been

My usual three sets went down well, and apart from one gentleman who kept requesting Deacon Blue's "Dignity" (which I had to say I do not do a good few times), I enjoyed myself all night.

Saturday 9th April 2011 - The Jolly Beggars, Milnathort

This gig is usually a really good night, but this one was a bit different for me.  I think a few of the people who were in the pub when I arrived had been there for a while.  That is to say they were a bit "refreshed", and a bit rowdy.

I just didn't feel my usual "vibe" on the night, and was a bit disappointed to see the TV in the bar being switched on during my second set. Some of the punters wanted to see how the golf was getting on, which I can understand, but I'm sure I saw a TV in the wee restaurant area.  So, I spent a good bit of the night with a group of guys standing watching the golf in front of me. Now I'm no diva, as anyone who knows me will testify, but I'm not sure that was very polite. But I suppose it meant that they stayed in the pub instead of going home or to somewhere else, so whatyagonna do?

Maybe a set of plus fours and a golf club should be my new gig

Saturday 14th August 2010 - The Jolly Beggars, Milnathort

OMFG!  What a night!  This is quite a 'bijou' hotel, and the bar area is quite small- but they fairly pack em in!  The local agricultural show had been on that day, and a fair few punters had had a good 'swally'.  They were stocking up on Anne's gorgeous pub grub before the evening's entertainment.  The very smell of the food in this place makes your mouth water - I must get along for a meal sometime.

Anyhoo...The bar has had a wee bit of a facelift - a wee lick of paint - which made it look very classy indeed. There was a PA already set up when we arrived - nothing to worry about however - the pub now has its own PA for karaokes etc.  Al soon moved it to the back of the oche (bit for darts), and set ours up.  We just bring our basic set up - 2 x srm450s and led lights - to this gig, so it doesn't take up too much room.  For bigger venues we have two bass bins and a bigger set of lights. 

As most of the locals either know me well or had been out all day, they were understandably eager for me to get on with singing their favourite tunes, so I put aside all my usual first set material and got on with the job at hand.  Time fairly flew by, and before I knew it it was time for my first break.  (NB I take two smaller breaks instead of the usual one big break).  Then another two sets of pop and rock to finish were the order of the day. The joint was jumping, as they say, and during "Sex on Fire" I asked them to sing along, and the volume of their singing made me wish I'd kept my earphones in!  Wow!  They are always up for a good night at the Beggars, and I hope I'm back soon.

I had just one problem during the night - during my rendition of "Bad Romance"  by Lady Gaga, the mic gain knob on my mixer mysteriously turned itself up full, and I had to stop the song due to screeching feedback.  Al reckons I caught the knob with my sleeve, but I swear i was nowhere near it.  Could it be the famous ghost of the Jolly Beggars?  Maybe he doesn't like Lady Gaga....

Well I hope things go smoothly next time, and promise to leave out the "Bad Romance", Mr Ghostie. 

Saturday 5th December 2009 - The Jolly Beggars, Milnathort

Tonight was a good night.  A visit to the Jolly Beggars is a visit to a friendly wee pub where you find good service and a bit of banter.  I hear they have excellent food too, but we have yet to come along for a meal.

We had a birthday girl tonight in the form of the lovely Sascha (hope I spelled it right!), who was celebrating "another 21st birthday".  She and her friends were obviously out to have a good time, and that they did.  They were seldom off the dance floor, and given the size of the pub, you can imagine how crowded it got as the place got busier! And I can't possibly show you a picture of her birthday cake - OMG!!

My usual night of three halves went well, and I love performing the more rocky numbers here - "Don't Stop Believing", "Sex on Fire" etc are their sort of "tunes" towards the end of the night.

I'd like to give a special mention to Al, who came out to set up my equipment despite being really ill.  I am ashamed to say I have no clue what plugs into what, so I couldn't have done it without him.  Cheers bigears!

Saturday 31st October 2009 - The Jolly Beggars, Milnathort

Happy HOWLoween to all!  Another excellent night at the Jolly Beggars, although the start time of 8.30 is a little early, as there were only half a dozen or so people in at that time. Having said that, they were quality customers, and I had a good bit of craic with them,  They were very appreciative.

Now the dressing up bit - I got out my best witchy-poo hat, and raided my daughters face paints, so I was ready for the big fancy dress night. Now while the "Beggars" may be a busy friendly pub, they have no guts.  Only the staff and I were dressed up to start with, and one guy had bought a mask - presumably so he could stick it in his pocket if no one else was dressed up.... I hope that the next time they have a theme night they get dressed up! Come on guys!

The second and third "half" of the night were very busy, and I made sure I picked only the best songs for the occasion, changing some of the words here and there to match the Halloween theme.  Such songs included -

Let Your Blood Flow

Bad Moon Rising


Black Night

A great night was had by all, and I hope to be back soon... 

Saturday 22nd August - Jolly Beggars, Milnathort

When you mention this pub to me it puts a smile on my face straight away.  it's not the biggest place in the world, but it has a big heart.  The owner, Ann (not sure if there's an "e" on your name, sorry if I got it wrong), is a total gem.  She is friendly and down to earth, but runs a tight ship.  She's very appreciative of a good act, and likes to have good acts she knows and has seen before.  I can count myself lucky to be one of those acts, and even luckier that Rachael, her daughter, found me online when searching for singers one day.  That's the power of the internet!

The crowd were up for a laugh, and I had a good bit of banter from the off - but I must admit I struggled to find a bit of backchat to some of the jokes flying about - they are very good!  I just tell 'em that it's a good job I'm not a comedian. 

They appreciate their rock music in the Jolly Beggars, and I very much enjoy a bit of it myself, so I have a flaming good time pulling out all my classic and new rock songs.

I'll see you all at The Jolly Beggars on Halloooooweeeeen!  Come in fancy dress now!!!

Friday 19th December 2008 - The Jolly Beggars Hotel, Milnathort

This wee pub has a lot to offer Milnathort, despite its small interior.  The people are really nice, and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting.

There was a "Black friday" night out in the pub, and I arrived to find a magician doing his 'thing' to a group of guys who had obviously been out for a while.  The magician roped me in to a trick involving my engagement ring.  I got it back tho.


Saturday 27th September - Jolly Beggars, Milnathort

When I first walked into this pub I was amazed at the size of the bar - the room is small but well proportioned.  There is a wee lounge too, but I think that it gets used mainly for lunches etc.  Al never ceased to amaze me - he manages to set up in both huge stage venues and those tiny wee spaces in the corner.  This was the latter.

Please don't think this pub is too small for a good night out.  Quite the reverse!  There is a friendly family atmosphere at the Jolly Beggars that you don't get in many pubs and clubs nowadays.  Rachael, the daughter of the family who runs the pub, had booked me (for which I am thankful), and I got to meet Anne and Stewart too, the mum and dad who keep a close eye on things from behind the bar.  There was absolutely NO trouble the whole night, and I don't think there ever would be.  The punters were out to have a flaming good time, and that they did.  So did I.

I've been invited back, so I take it they were impressed with me.  Anne and Stewart were very complimentary, and I had a good few hugs from Rachael. Thanks guys.