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Saturday 21st August - Lochearn Caravan Park, St Fillans

It was nice to come back here. I must admit I was afraid I would get caught up in the traffic chaos caused by a landslide the other night. As it was, the caravan park was still open - shown by a paper sign on a tree next to the `Road Closed` sign.

The first half did not bode well. there were a total of 10 people in, not including the bar staff/management. Those people were, however, very appreciative, and I was able to have a bit of a laugh and a joke with them. Al tells me I tend to go too far sometimes though, and start babbling. Sorry if I confused anyone!

During the break, the place filled up quickly - I suspect there were a lot of people having a `wee bevvy` in their caravans before venturing out. A good sized group of younger people came in too, which made my music selection easier.

Much Disco-ing and boogying later, the clock came round to 12 o clock. The rules of the park say that acts must be finished by 12, so I finished at around 2 minutes to.

I'll be back, as the great Mr Schwarzenegger said....