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Saturday 8th May - Perth Sports and Social Club, Perth

I got a bit confused on the way to this gig, and went to the wrong place to begin with - only to phone Grace (one of my agents) to check where I should be. 10 minutes later I was in the right place.

I was pleasantly surprised when I entered this club, as it didn't look much from outside. The inside was really nicely furnished, and I had a stage! What a diva I am!

The Perth crowds are always quite quiet to begin with, and are very reserved - they only clap when they really enjoy something. Praise indeed, then, when I had dancers early on, and many rounds of applause at the end of a few numbers.

There were a group of people in from `Rock Steady` security, on a night out. They weren't as rowdy as I thought they would be, but then again that's the Perth reservation for you.

I hope to be back, as it's a lovely venue.