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Saturday, January 18 - Cabaret - RSAS Club, Perth

Another blast from the past!  I remember driving through deep snow in January one year just to get here for a gig.  Nice folk here, and a good night had by all.  I had to let them know that my usual sets are 3 x 40-45 minutes though – they looked a little surprised when I had a break..

Saturday 2nd January 2010 - RSAS Club, Perth

Al and I have never called off on a gig due to the weather, but we were mighty close tonight! The radio was warning not to go out driving in the snow unless you had to, and the roads were pretty bad around our house. 

Well despite the weather, we made it up to Perth from Fife in one piece, and arrived at the venue to find about 6 people in the bar - including the staff!  After having a word with the committee, we decided that we'd carry on regardless and play things by ear with regards to the rest of the night. I was more than happy to do the job, and would be paid in full no matter what, so that was that.

Around 9pm there was an influx of people (around a dozen or so) who all came through to the lounge area to see what was going on.  I had quite a laugh and a joke with them, and must admit to enjoying myself, despite being a little tired from Hogmanay. I think it might have helped actually, as I tend to be more relaxed and talk more between songs when I'm low on energy.

I finished at 11pm instead of 11.45pm, but still gave 'em my full 2 hours singing time - the breaks were a lot shorter than usual.

We got home without incident (thanks Al), but I'm still a bit brain-fried from the whole Christmas/New Year thing.  What day is it again?  Nobody tells you about how tiring it can be..... except me. Having said that, we must love the job, or we wouldn't be doing it!

Saturday 3rd April - RSAS Club, Perth

I always find Perth a bit of a strange place to play. I'm not sure what the audience were expecting from me, but I did my best (despite a bad throat cold). The crowd was small but included a variety of ages. I was asked a few times to turn the volume down (although it wasn't too loud), and found it more difficult to please this crowd than previous venues. There were a few `tumbleweed moments`, but I soldiered on through to 11.45pm.

I hope the lack of atmosphere was down to the small number of people there, and that I will find a different atmosphere the next time I play here.