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Saturday 1st September - Burnfoot Roadhouse, Hawick

My first trip to this pub was a bit of a disaster for me, it was the only time I've ever started a gig and been unable to finish it.  I lost my voice at the two thirds mark. I have to admit that this was on my mind during the long drive down to Hawick.

When I arrived and did a warm up in my changing room - the Ladies - I realised that I was in full voice and was ready for the night. I had a couple of gents, I'll call them Waldorf and Stadler, who were out for a good time and who made my night much easier.  A bit of banter and a few people who have had the `liquid inhibition remover` make it much easier to settle in and get into my flow. Waldorf and his pal apologised for being two thirds gone on a few occasions and they even tried to go home a few times but kept on coming back for more.  They finally left quite late on and I'd bet they had a hangover on Sunday.

I enjoyed this gig, the crowd were warm and friendly and showed their appreciation, which always helps to get the best from an act. I look forward to going back and hopefully running in to Waldorf and Stadler again.

I wish Ann all the best on her 21st (!) this Sunday, and I hope your afternoon with the `Bald Eagles` goes well..  All the best.


Saturday 7th April - The Burnfoot Roadhouse, Hawick

I had a phone call during the week from my good friend George Kennedy, who told me of a newly opened pub looking for someone to fill a Saturday slot at the last minute.  I was (unusually) free, so gave Ann a phone at the Burnfoot Roadhouse. 

It seems I am becoming well known in Hawick, and I had a good few people there who had seen me at the Mayfield.  They told me they are now officially my groupies - to you I say a big HELLLOOO.

I was a bit dubious about my vocal ability that week due to a bout of feeling a bit queasy, and a little tickle in my chest, but I thought I'd be okay.  This was not the case.

I managed the first two sets of my act with a little help from Vocalzones and Hot Lemon drinks, washed down with water and glayva (sipped!) to help open my airways.  This was to no avail, however, as during the third set I found myself barely able to sing a note.  My top range had gone, and I thought I could finish the night taking it easier with low and slow songs, of which I think I managed three.  Then disaster struck.  I started to have notes missing and sing out of tune.  I could tell by the audience reaction to my first two sets that they had been impressed, and they would understand that this croaky out of tune voice was not my usual offering.

So I had to cut the gig short.  I have never been so upset at a gig.  I have NEVER NEVER EVER had to stop a gig early.

To all at the Burnfoot I apologise.  The owner, Ann, was very understanding, and let me play background music for the remaining half hour.  To you Ann, I say a big THANK YOU.  I owe you a half hour!

I handed out a great many business cards during the evening, and hope you will all be in touch.