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Saturday 24th March 2012 - The Kirkhouse Inn, Strathblane

A new venue for me, this one felt a little further away because of all the A roads the satnav took us along - but apparently that's the quickest way to go, according to the locals.

This hotel is a lovely old fashioned looking building in Strathblane, and I was glad I'd made a bit more of an effort clotheswise than I sometimes do. (At this point I feel I have to say that I never look scruffy or unkempt, but sometimes you have to dress a bit more formally than others).

I was set up at the end of the bar in front of the glass doors, a lovely wee place to set up with the patio area all lit up. The sound was a bit difficult though, as I was sort of "round the corner", and as it was a new venue we asked the bar staff where other acts set theirs up.  They were helpful, but didn't really give us a definitive answer.  But Al was there as always, my trusty sidekick ready to do his best to get the sound right for me.

This was one of those gigs when people stop to listen to what you have to say, which I found a little un-nerving to start with, as sometimes you can get too used to being background music, or being ignored between songs.  I'm quite a chatty person at my gigs though, so I wasn't stuck for words - even if some of it made no sense!

I hope to be invited back to play there again.