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Saturday 4th December 2010 - Arthurlie FC Social Club, Barrhead, Glasgow

It's quite difficult to think about this gig as we had a car accident on the way home, and to be honest I'd rather not remember that.  However, I have always said I will be honest and let you know the ups and downs, so here goes...

With the bad weather and threat of further snow on the horizon, we set off really early for this gig, as my contract said I would arrive at 7pm in time to set up before the bingo.  We arrived around 6pm to find that the night was not to be what we expected.  Apparently there was a football fundraiser on, and I was the entertainment!  Well what a shocker!  I hadn't brought our bass bin, and was unprepared for a private function.  I say unprepared, but we all know we can change what we do instantly to suit a venue.  I was just a wee bit peeved to find that things had changed when I had included a phone number and e mail address on the contract I sent for just an eventuality.  These nights are a bit more hard work, with organising music for the breaks, and promoting raffles, announcing the buffet etc. 

Anyway, I got on with the job at hand.  As sometimes happens, I had some open mouthed silences for the first set and a half - I have no idea.  Maybe they were just sober and shy...?

By the end of the raffle the crowd were getting a bit more "up for it" and around 11.30 they were all crowded on the dance floor to Lady Gaga and Alexandra Burke!  I had many compliments on the way out, and counted the night as a success.

Unfortunately, despite a flawless journey from Kirkcaldy to Glasgow (and most of the way back), we had an accident.  The details I cannot tell you, as we are currently in the middle of sorting out insurance, but suffice to say we had a shunt up the rear end.  So our beloved Berlingo is off the road until the nice people from the coachworks company can have it fixed (or written off) so we can get back on the road.  We'll still be gigging though, as we are able to borrow a car. So don't worry!  The whole thing was a bit of a shock, and we are both still recovering - although we don't seem to be physically hurt, it can take time to get over the shock.

So there you have it - you have to be prepared with good business car insurance for just such an eventuality, and good equipment insurance just in case your gear is damaged (ours doesn't seem to be, but will be going through a thorough test before our next gig).


Saturday 7th August 2010 - Arthurlie FC Social Club, Barrhead

After a wee phone call from Katy Hart, a good friend of mine on Facebook, I was booked for Saturday at Arthurlie.  Thank goodness, said I, as I was available, and could have done with a job coming in.  Thanks to Katy!

I had no idea of what to expect from the venue, so once again I consulted my buddies on Facebook, and was told the layout of the place re loading and unloading, as well as the average age of the crowd and what to expect re sets and material.  A big thanks to Jackie Clarke.  It's always nice to have friends who help you out, and I like to have all the facts before going to a new venue. I even look at the street view on Google Maps!

Anyway, back to the review. 

Billy, the boss, made me very welcome from the word go, and was grateful to have filled the empty spot he found he had on a Saturday night.  I realise it must've been a bit nerve wracking for him to book a singer he'd never heard of or met, but again we both have Katy to thank for that one. Billy tells me he toured with a few bands around the circuit so he was a mine of information, and had a fair few stories to tell!

It was an 8.30pm start, but I was advised to hang off till the place got a bit busier, so I started at 8.45pm and did my first set til 10pm, when there was (of course!) a bit of bingo. then my second set went from 10.40 til 12, with cries of "more".  Excellent. The sets were slightly longer than I would normally do, but I paced myself well and did a fair bit of blethering in between.  I will have to remember to slow down a bit so the crowd can understand my accent - mind you my jokes are reeeeally bad, so maybe it's not a bad thing if I talk a bit fast.  It was commented on that I am a bit of a character - you'll have to make up your own mind on that one....

My two sets mostly consisted of older material, due to the crowd enjoying the genre, so I didn't get much of my newer material or rock in until near the end, when the crowd demanded "Human" by the Killers.  Cool.  Suits me! My "Fire with Fire" by the Scissor Sisters is going down well too.

After the gig, Billy was straight over with his diary, and I secured another two bookings for the year, with promises of more bookings next year if he's still in charge of entertainment. Many of the crowd came across on their way out to tell me how impressed they were with me.  It's a wonder I could fit my big head in the car to go home!