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Saturday 23rd February 2013 - The Thornwood Bar, Glasgow

Another new gig for me, and another one in Glasgow!  This one was through an agent, and I must admit to being a little reticent to take the gig as it's sometimes better money-wise to do a local gig than travel for a wee bit more, by the time you take diesel and travelling time into account.  But I decided to do every gig I am offered at least once, cos sometimes it's all about the quality of the gig, and the people who are there. 

Well tonight's crowd were well up for a good night - I had a good bit of banter with their very own "Waldorf and Statler", and had a good chinwag with the bar staff while Al was setting up Dave the PA system.

I have a running joke whenever I go out of Fife that I will have to speak slowly to be understood by "youz posh folks".  Well the folk of the Thornwood certainly picked up on the fact that I'm not from around there, and took the chance to take the P pretty much every time I opened my mouth.  But it was all good, and I gave as well as I got, so I think they liked that...

I find myself adding in a bit more chat during my gigs when I get a good crowd, and it seems to be going down well - in fact someone remarked once that I'm like Sarah Millican!  well it may just have been my glasses and dress, but I'll take it....

Great gig.  Great staff, nice dog.