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Saturday 19th May - Bentswood Inn, Stoneyburn

This was my second trip to Stoneyburn.  I am always glad to go back to pubs I enjoy, and I must admit I was looking forward to returning here.  The people are welcoming (if a little rough around the edges), and genuine.  I had a good laugh from start to finish, and met a few interesting characters along the way.

The village suffered a power cut half way through `Brown Eyed Girl`, which was actually quite a good thing, as I had a laugh with the crowd and was able to nip to the loo too!  I then started off with Shirley Bassey - Diamonds are Forever (after the power went back on, I hasten to add), and I was aware of a lot of open mouthed amazement from the crowd. 

I think my voice has finally matured properly now, and I am glad to say my range has improved since my early days as a mezzo soprano at school and in the Fife Youth Chamber Choir (feels like a hundred years ago!).  I now have a range that goes from g below the stave to B flat above it.  I am now officially a contralto, I reckon.  If you know different, give me a shout!

See ya at the Bentswood next time!


Saturday 18th November - Bentswood Inn, Stoneyburn

I'm always a bit nervous when going to a new venue, but as normally happens I arrived at this one, and was immediately made to feel very welcome by the bar staff. I was also worried that it was going to be a bit quiet, but again I was wrong. Its always difficult to play to a small quiet crowd, this was neither of those things.  Everyone was up for a laugh and out for a good night. I have to thank the audience for their applause and their dancing. As I've said on many of these reviews, if the crowd are out to enjoy themselves and show the act that they are enjoying what they hear, it will always be a good night out.

I do have one gripe.  I don't really want to single out this one lady, because this is something that happens at lots of gigs. If you want to talk to me, please come up between songs, or even better take your suggestion/request to Alan.  I always point him out and say this, but most punters (by the time they've had their fill of liquid courage) come and stand in front of me whilst I am singing and then get angry that I am not paying attention.

I'm sure that everyone who wants to sing have wonderful voices and could do well in the job. However, I was told last night by one customer  (on her second visit into my face) that " I can sing it better than you anyway". After picking up the dummy she had spat out, she retired to her table to gripe to her friends. I don't want to push this much more, but here's what you can do if you want to do my job...


Pay out 2 - 3 thousand pounds for equipment, Learn around 120 songs (at least), get insurance, transport, agents and everything else that's involved and bloody do it. Try recording yourself and having a listen, you're quite often not as good as you think.


Hassle acts, spit your germs all over their faces and very expensive mics. Be nasty to people who are trying to do the jobs they are being paid for.

I find it very insulting that all these wannabes seem to think they can waltz up and try to take over my act.