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Saturday 19th July 2014 - Broxburn Bowling Club

Again, a venue that I've done many times.  I'm always on after the bingo, and the crowd change as the night goes on.  Many folk go to get the last bus, and usually I have a few latecomers from local pubs and club.This is one of the veues where I get to pull out all the old favourites - a bit of Karen Carpenter Doris Day and the like. 
Nothing new tonight, other than the fact I was absolutely roasting! 

Saturday, March 15th 2014 - Cabaret - Broxburn Bowling Club

Ah my stage next to the Ladies loo.  Oh the glamour!  Broxburn Bowling Club is looking better than ever, and is always having something or other done when we are there.  It’s good to see a wee club like this doing so well.  They have a big function suite upstairs, and there was a function going on up there, complete with band. 

Saturday 26th October 2013 - Broxburn Bowling Club

A bit of a quiet one applause wise, but the good people if Broxburn BC are always appreciative, and I get a good bit of banter...

It seems in some of these small towns that there's always something on "up the road".  Tonight was one of those nights..

Saturday 15th June 2013 - Broxburn Bowling Club

Broxburn isn't a huge place - but there was certainly a lot going on in the town that night!  There was a party upstairs and I hear there were a few venues in town with parties too, so I was glad to see so many people in the club to see me.  The usual faces in the usual seats, with bingo and open the box.

Not much difference in her from gig to gig, and there's not much to report...nice folk.

Saturday 9th February 2013 - Broxburn Bowling Club

Another good night in Broxburn Bowling club.  I quite like the chance to do some of my older material at clubs like this - it can be easy to forget songs if you've not done them for a while. 

There was a birthday party going on upstairs for one of the regulars, who would normally have come in for the last set in the main bar.  They sent down their leftover buffet though, and a couple of charity boxes for Breast Cancer.  Right next to Al.....I fancied a pie, watching them go past, but alas Al was too slow to grab one before they were all gone.

The club is lovely, and the bar staff are so welcoming.  If you get the chance, nip in for a wee drink one night..

Saturday 7th April 2012 - Broxburn Bowling Club, Broxburn

There are times when my website comes in handy - I like to look back at my reviews for previous gigs to get an idea of what I did last time. So this time I knew before I started what the plan of action was to be - three sets in three different styles, as the crowd changed during the night from the bingo crowd to the younger folk at the end of the night.

Ian and his bar team worked tirelessly throughout the night to keep everyone happy, so a big thumbs up to them.  It's such a hard job, working at the other side of the bar (I did it for a few years before becoming a singer). So remember when you are out having a good time, be nice to your bar staff. 

Saturday 15th October 2011 - Broxburn Bowling Club, Broxburn

I had to think back sooo long to find that I had been here before!  In fact, I must admit to having checked my own website! This wee bowling club is lovely, and I was set up in the downstairs lounge, ready to start setting up after the bingo.  I had a good chat with all of the bar staff, and therefore knew the "gen" about the times, set up, people and expectations.  It makes all the difference to a singer to get all of that information, and PNN Events, my agents for the night, always provide a good amount of information too. 

I did my usual three "halves", the first concentrating on oldies eg The Carpenters, Paper Moon etc, the second bringing in a bit of 60s and 70s, and then daring to do a bit of 21st century material in the last half. 

I was struggling a bit on the morning of this gig, but with the help of pineapple juice, vocalzones and honey and lemon cough syrup, I managed to finish the night well, and to much applause, I may add...

I was a wee bit cheekier than usual tonight, but it went down well enough.  I had one lady who sat next to the speakers and complained about the loud sound levels.  I pointed out that maybe she shouldn't sit next to a speaker then, and asked if anyone up the back wanted to swap...

I've since received another booking for the club, so that's a good sign...


Sunday 1st May - Broxburn Bowling Club

This was my first time at the Club, and I was understandably nervous as to what I would find when I got there.  I never know where I will be setting up, what the crowd will be like, and the timings of my sets versus bingo etc.

it turned out I was performing in the main bar, just in front of the well stocked trophy cabinet.  It made me nervous, I can tell you.  The thought of knocking into a glass cabinet full of silverware, crystal and china trophies made my stomach turn.  I was advised that the act usually blocks off the corner of the room, which includes the Ladies toilet.  I decided that I would not be very popular if I did this, so Alan set up the equipment so as to leave a gap.

I had a couple pf mishaps with the equipment that night, including my music stand falling over (no one was near it) and the music suddenly stopping for no apparent reason.  I joked that there must be a ghost in the place who didn't like my singing!  That broke the ice a bit, and the crowd were quite understanding.

I had quite a few compliments at the end of the night, which I can listen to all night!