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Friday 31st March - Community Centre, Seafield, Livingston

It took us a while to find this Community Centre, as we hadn't updated our SatNav lately, and there was a concrete barrier just before a roundabout on the map.  We did get there, however, and had enough time to set up and have a drink to relax. 

I'm not sure of the proper name for the evening, but there were a number of `more mature` people filling the hall, and they were all tucking into what looked like a really nice dinner when we arrived.

I was appearing on the same bill as a wonderful singer called Flo Stevens, who also got a bit lost, but made it in time.  Her section of the evening may have been more to the audience's taste, as she seemed to get a better reaction from them (then again they had had a drink at half time!).

The people were nice, and I hope to do a good few more of these type of gigs