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Saturday 5th June 2010 - Kinneil Bowling Club, Bo'ness

I'm not really sure about what to say about this club.  There was a bit of an issue with times when I asked, and I was told I would be performing from 9pm til 10.30pm, then have a 15 minute break and go on til 12 midnight. 

Now I am no diva, but to expect me to do a three hour night with only a fifteen minute break is unreasonable at best, and had I been aware that this was the case, I would not have agreed to do the gig.  I had a wee talk to my agent for the night, who assured me I was to have a half hour break. 

Anyway, I don't want to get too bogged down in times etc, so suffice to say I went ahead and did the gig this time.

The first and second halves were pretty similar - a smattering of applause and a bit of laughing at my banter, but not much in the way of enthusiasm for my act.  With the exception of my Aberdeen gig last week, I was beginning to wonder if I'm really cut out for this any more.  It's amazing how depressing it can be doing this job sometimes, especially when you get little or no response from an audience.  I wonder sometimes if they'd prefer a jukebox,..