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Monday 26th November - Emkay Lothian Showcase, The Club, Broxburn

This is the first Emkay showcase I have attended, and my goodness it is nerve wracking!  On a normal night's work, you are playing to a fairly attentive group of people who are out to have a good time.  This time was different.  It was daytime, and a Monday for a start.  Add to that the nerves of performing in front of a group of entertainment arrangers, and meeting my agents at Emkay Lothian for the first time, and you have a Joanie who is understandably wired!

We arrived at this beautiful club around 12.30pm to find that the showcase had been going on all day, and was scheduled to go on through the evening and pick up the next day too!  Being part of such a big, well run agency is great - they are very helpful and take you seriously as a performer.  I was given the utmost respect during the afternoon, and I very much enjoyed meeting the other performers in my `stable`.  I will list them as soon as I get a chance to have another look at the programme.

After a brief chat with Tom (lovely man!), I realised that my memory is not what it should be, and he suggested I didn't use my lyrics book.  It is definitely an area I need to sort out.  I was therefore limited as to which three tracks I should do (ie which ones I know the words to!).  I settled on `Walking in Memphis`(Cher) `Black Eyed Boy`(Texas) and `Son of a Preacher Man` (Dusty Springfield).  I would have loved to blow their socks off with `Unchain my Heart` but my lack of confidence in my lyrics let me down.  Ordinarily I would have given it a go, but it didn't seem fair when Emkay Lothian were relying on me to give a good impression.

I hope I did them proud, and I hope my new photo (taken on the day) will look good on my next gig poster!

hint Hint Tom - put me on your site!!!!!!!!