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Saturday 5th June - Winchburgh Bowling Club (With Abeline)

This was only my second `go` at a cabaret spot, performing with Abeline, alias Janey Kirk and Rab Dickson. Janey is one of my agents, so I am flattered to be asked along to one of these gigs.

The venue is beautiful. Well furnished and equally well kept, this bowling club did itself proud. The audience were very attentive, and everyone sat quietly and listened to my `spot`.

The audience, mostly your typical bowling club age (no offence intended!), very much enjoyed Abeline, who got their mixture of music absolutely spot on. There was much fox-trotting and quickstepping.

I enjoyed performing my cabaret section, and picked out a few jazzy numbers (Paper Moon, Ole Devil) along with a good few dancier songs. I obviously missed out my usual Pink, Bon Jovi and Nickelback songs for this audience!

I must admit I felt a bit awestruck when I stood up there on the stage under the glare of the spotlight - I'm used to wee pubs and clubs where I'm set up in a corner!

I received good feedback from the audience afterwards, and stayed to hear the rest of Abeline`s act. I enjoy watching other acts and looking for pointers with regards to material, performance and sound.

Thanks Janey!